‘As filmmakers, we’ve got to challenge the status quo,’ says storyteller Iggy LDN, ‘and that involves thinking and being very radical.’ His work challenges conventional approaches to masculinity – sounds like our kind of thought provoker.

Hosted by Mia Harvey, this topic aims to focus its attention on Political, Social and Economic factors that allow for individuals to succeed in this city. We all understand that many factors either make it more difficult or easier to succeed wherever you are, but this is not the main derivative of this question.
In this instalment of our In Conversation series: We sat down with filmmaker Iggyldn to discuss the consciousness behind his film 'Black Boys Dont Cry' and the importance of brotherhood, dispelling the stigma in male emotion and reconnecting with a positive redefinition of male masculinity. Assistants: Tarama Ishida Philippa Moseley
Black Boys Don't Cry by IGGYLDN BBDC (Black Boys Don't Cry) created by IGGYLDN is a project designed to deconstruct the ideals of black masculinity and manhood in the 21st century. BBDC is led by three creative mediums (spoken word, videography and photography) in order to bring to light the challenges that young black men face in today's society.
"I feel as though the darker you are, the more you're seen as this aggressive, emotionally unavailable person." Poet Iggy Ldn is challenging stereotypes about black male identity. Subscribe to us and get more videos from Channel 4 News https://www.youtube.com/c/channel4news